In July 2009 our archive team started to develop an efficient process to begin the monumental task of digitally storing records of all of CERS analog assets collected in over thirty years of exploration and research. As first signs of decay already became visible in our slide film archive, our archive director prioritized the digital conversion of all film material.

With our custom-designed high-speed digitization system we convert over 120 slides daily into high-resolution files for integration into our digital asset management system.   Our large volume refrigerated vault and museum-grade archival cases provide the best storage conditions for the long-term preservation of our unique film archive.
A specially developed iPhone app presents a daily updated view into our digital film archive, allowing privileged access for research and enabling key personnel to provide additional contextual information for the archive.   Since October 2010, the CERS Archive Office has its own premises which provide climate controlled storage for our priced collection of records and a workshop for all digitization processes.

The Road Ahead

Integrating all digital assets into a multi-dimensional database system is our current focus, with the goal of providing a comprehensive, accessible record of our organizations exploration and research projects over the decades. We want to provide this valuable resource for the purpose of academic research and education, and to set an example for others to follow.

Through this website, we will make more and more detailed multimedia resources available over time. With sufficient funding, we are planning to provide regular editorial content in English and Simplified Chinese.

We have started to document our collection of ethnic artifacts which are spread across our multiple projects sites in order to facilitate easy access to digital records for research.   Thousands of hours of analog video footage, documenting highlights in exploration and disappearing minority culture, will have to be converted to digital and stored for easy retrieval.