Above: Zhengyu Huang with How Man on HM Explorer.

Fu Tak Iam Foundation made a two-year grant to CERS related to education.

Loke Wan Tho Foundationcontinued its support for a second year of a three-year grant.

Dora Wu, a long-time friend of CERS, pledged HK1M over the next five years.

Chote Sophonpanichis CERS’ first patron from Thailand and recently attended our annual dinner in Hong Kong.

Zhengyu Huangbecame our newest patron and visited CERS field sites in Myanmar.

Ester Goelkel, and their family’s Moritz Foundation, has been a major supporter of CERS for many years. Beginning 2014, they pledged to double the amount of their giving.

Wayne Tam, a collector of Second World War era artifacts, donated many valuable items to CERS for display in our soon-to-be-open Exhibit House in Shek O of Hong Kong.

HCG Taiwandonated toilet equipment to our project at Alishan in Taiwan.

Hsu Wenof donated her time and expertise in translating two of How Man’s latest books.

After over four years as CERS Field Biologist, Dr Paul Buzzard moved back to the U.S. and has taken up a new position with the Detroit Zoo. We thank Paul for his dedicated service and time with CERS.