Setting up camp near the beautiful alpine lakeEvery year groups of students visit the CERS Centers to broaden their knowledge and understanding of the world around them. With the mentorship of our founder and the guidance by our staff, they experience nature, wildlife and culture in special ways.

In the summer of 2010, a group of high school students from Yung Yau College in Hong Kong became extremely motivated.

"Last summer we [were] invited by China Exploration & Research Society to visit both Yunnan and Hainan island. We did camping in Yunnan Langdu [yak cheese site] for a few days. We visited the facilities [and] tried delicious cheese. During the visit, field biologist Dr. Paul Buzzard made interesting presentations and sharing. We had the most unforgettable experience to meet many kinds of moths. At first, because we are not accustomed to contact with insects, they caused a lot of nuisance for us. However, the moths gave us a great source of inspiration for the story."

After coming back to Hong Kong the students were driven by the idea to turn their experience into an animation project.

Students discussing the story line with How Man"After completing the story idea, we started creating models. [Those of us] who have better modeling technology skills were responsible for creating role models, while the other team members create[d] scene model. After [modeling] individual scenes , [we] then combined all role models, to form the final scene model. Then we conduct[ed] a more detailed division of work, bones were added on the role model for easier control. At the same time, all models were attached material textures, and adjusted lighting in the final scene model, so that model became more realistic. We then began [the] animation, coupled with action to roles as an expression of the story, was the most important part of it. Finally, we rendered all animations, each animation turned into sheets of photos, added special effects and sound effects and animation was completed."

This resulting animated short film was firstly shown at the CERS Annual Dinner in November 2010.